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Unified Golf Grip

Model Number: 4025

In our never ending quest to find the right grip for every golfer, LongShot introduces the Unified Grip. The Unified grip is for golfers that would normally add a few wraps of tape to build up the lower hand. This grip provides a similar diameter under both hands ... although it is not a full non-tapered grip like our Torpedo model ... while maintaining a traditional look and feel. All golf shafts and traditional grips taper significantly from the butt toward the tip, producing two completely different levels of control for each hand. The circumference of the grip under the lower hand is dramatically smaller than it is under the upper hand. The Unified grip is designed to equalize the size of the grip under both hands and in doing so enhance control. The hands are allowed to work as a unit thus reducing the very common lower hand dominance. The Unified grip is made from a high quality, shock reducing rubber compound, for long life and comfort. It is a U.S.G.A. legal, standard weight and size replacement for most traditional grips.
  • Reduces lower hand dominance resulting in a later hand release and consistent grip pressure.
  • Incorporates the correct taper and eliminates the need for extra tape wraps under the lower hand.
  • Helps to achieve consistent grip pressure leading to less muscle tension and a more relaxed swing
  • Uniquely engineered design with special energy absorbing rubber composition to reduce the shock of miss-hits and ease arthritic pain caused by impact vibrations
  • Specifications:
  • Premium shock absorbing rubber composition
  • Long wear ... excellent wet weather playability
  • 10.5 Inches long … weight - 55 grams
  • Add water activated grip tape & shaft clamp to self install
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    Suggested Retail Price: $6.00
    Sale Price:  $2.49
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