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Impact Golf Club Label Training Kit

Model Number: 1052

This is our best full training kit for first time users and an outstanding value. Each label is good for a minimum of six to eight shots or as long as you can still identify the last impact mark ... TIP: THE LAST SHOT WILL BE SLIGHTLY LIGHTER IN COLOR FOR A FEW SECONDS. The Correction Guide contains full usage instructions as well as basic tips on how to make corrections based on various impact positions. Higher quantity users can drastically lower their cost per label by considering any of the larger bulk packages available on this site.
  • Used labels remove completely ... no residue
  • Dimple shape can indicate hooks and slices
  • Use for practice, teaching or club-fitting
  • Multi-Impact ... at least six to eight readings per label
  • Specifications:
  • 7 putter/low profile labels
  • Complete Correction/Instruction Guide and carrying case
  • 27 standard size wood labels
  • 18 standard size iron labels
  • This Item is in stock ... Ships in 1-2 business days
    Suggested Retail Price: $13.00
    Sale Price:  $8.95
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