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Trac-Mat Lie Board/Swing Path Kit

Model Number: 2020

The Trac-Mat is a versatile club fitting and swing path mat that can be used anywhere. It has a grooved surface that when struck by a club with our impact strip, will leave lines showing lie angle and swing path. Initially we designed the Trac-Mat for the club fitting industry but we have fielded many requests to make a consumer version available for swing path practice. We added a quantity of our model "LT" swing path strips a well as four Almost Golf practice balls. Place the mat on a firm hard surface, apply the strip to the sole of the iron and upon hitting the practice ball you will get a reading of your swing path and lie position. Use this information to perfect a consistent on path swing and to insure that your clubs are at the proper lie angle for your game. Checking your clubs and swing regularly will definitely save strokes and improves club performance.
  • Both lie angle and swing path are shown
  • Grooved surface yields accurate readings
  • Entire surface is usable
  • Specifications:
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Portable ... Only 10.25" wide by 17.5" Long
  • Includes 325 Lie/Swing Path Strips (25 sheets model LT)
  • Includes 4 Almost Golf Practice Balls
  • This Item is in stock ... Ships in 1-2 business days
    Suggested Retail Price: $69.00
    Sale Price:  $39.98
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